Wounded Canadian soldiers arrive at Oldway 1 May 1915

Abridged from the Paignton Western Guardian 6 May 1915

The Red Cross hospital ship Carisbrook Castle brought a contingent of wounded on Saturday to Southampton and news was received that 78 (including 30 cot cases) would arrive in Paignton for oldway during the evening. Owing to considerable delay – it rook three hours to entrain the wounded at Southampton – the ambulance train for Torre and Paignton did not arrive at the former until very late, while it was well after midnight when it ran into Paignton Station. The usual admirable arrangements were made locally to receive the men and to transfer them to Oldway. The forty walking cases very quickly boarded the motor are and solicitude for the poor fellows who had been prostrated in fighting for the Empire. Nearly all of these (all except three) were Canadians about whose gallant deeds the country has been ringing and some of these looked very ill, one or two cases being carried into the waiting, before proceeding to hospital. Here, as a poor battered form was tenderly lifted down from the train an involuntary biting of the patient’s lips told of great suffering bravely and stoically borne, and there was a poor fellow with head completely bandaged and the whisper goes round that his eyesight is grievously affected, presumably by the vile gases of the barbarian Huns. Now and again a wounded man would be calmly smoking a cigarette, and the less severely hurt passed a joke with the bearers. But the general impression of the onlooker, in that early hour of the morning, was that one and all of the gallant fellows would be only too glad of a bath and a long rest. These they have since received and on enquiry we learn that practically all the patients are going on satisfactorily. The altogether admirable treatment the wounded receive at Oldway is guaranteed of this, and all will hope that every man, British and Colonial now within the walls of healing at the American Women’s War Hospital, which has brought fame to Paignton, will soon be restored to health.