More wounded arrive at Oldway 14 February 1915

Abridged from the Paignton Western Guardian 18 February 1915

18th February 1915

More wounded arrive at Paignton

On Sunday afternoon a batch of British wounded soldiers from the front arrived at Paignton, by special ambulance train which left Southampton at 10.30 am. and reached Paignton at 3.40 pm. The wounded men came across the Channel in the “Asturias” which was recently attacked by a German submarine. Many of the men were suffering from frost bite. Lieut. Col. Gunning, the commandant of Oldway Hospital, and members of the medical staff received them on the platform, and members of the R.A.M.C., the Fire Brigade, and other willing helpers assisted in the work of carrying the stretchers. The ambulances, including the Stoodley Knowle motor ambulance, kindly lent by Col. and the Hon. Mrs. Burn, the American Women’s ambulance and tradesmen’s vans.