Matinee fundraising for AWWH - concert arranged by Lady (Arthur) Paget at Drury Lane Theatre 27 April 1915

Abridged from the Paignton Western Guardian 6th May 1915

A London correspondent writing of the Drury Lane entertainment organized by American women in England to help the War Hospital at Paignton says:- “Oldway House Hospital will evermore be associated in the minds of Londoners with the record audience which assembled within the walls of Old Drury. With each programme a dainty little booklet descriptive of the Paignton Hospital was given away. The “house” was an appreciative as it was big and enthusiasm reached its zenith when Sir Herbert Tree announced that the financial result of the matinee would be to add a clear £41,000 to the funds of Oldway House Hospital. Everybody expected to hear a handsome sum named, but nobody ever thought to hear of such a handsome one as this.”