Honouring the American Dead - 5 June 1919

Abridged from the Paignton Western Guardian 5 June 1919

Honouring American Dead

Service at Paignton

In Paignton Cemetery on Thursday a commemoration service was held over the graves of the 110 American soldiers who died at Paignton last autumn from the serious outbreak of illness which attacked an American troopship. The graves each bear a neat wooden cross, with the name, regimental number and date of death, and on each was a miniature Stars and Stripes, evergreen wreath and flowers. The service was conducted by the Vicar of Paignton (Rev. A.R. Fuller) the boys of the Parish Church choir leading the singing. Amongst those present were Messrs. W.J. Ham, J. Cook, H.W. Langdon, J.N. Osborne and M.H. Hill (members of the Urban Council), Messrs. C.O. Baines, R.S. Cooksley, J. Crathorn, and J. Hutchinson (officials), Rev. L. Browne (vicar of Collaton), Rev. W.E.C. Harris, and elder boys of the elementary school with their masters. Mr C.R. Vickery, secretary of the American YMCA in London also attended.

During the simple yet impressive service, the Vicar said they had come to pay respect to those of their American brethren who had come over to take part in the fighting for the great cause of right. Although they had died in Hospital they could not help feeling that these brave fellows died for the sake of their fellow men just as much as if they met their deaths in the face of the enemy in France, and they thanked God for the example set by them. Appropriate hymns and prayers were used and the proceedings were very impressive.