Arrival of wounded at Oldway 12 December 1914

Abridged from the Paignton Western Guardian, 17th December 1914

Shortly after five o’clock on Saturday evening a batch of 84 wounded soldiers arrived by ambulance train for Oldway Hospital. Of these 32 were cot cases.

The wounded men had apparently come straight from the trenches, their clothes being very muddy in many instances. As far as could be judged, there were no very serious cases among those on the stretchers, though some were rather bad, including one poor fellow with both feet frost-bitten, and minus two toes. The demeanour of most of the men was quiet, and they seemed glad to have reached the end of their journey, though of course, the train was most comfortably fitted up. Members of the Fire Brigade were assisted by several helpers in carrying the stretchers to the waiting conveyances, and the task of removing the cases was once more expeditiously performed, and the station arrangements were, as ever, of the best.

All this batch of wounded men are now comfortably settled at Oldway, and the hospital is again practically full.