American Women’s War Relief Fund offer the two hospitals maintained by them to the American Red Cross - 29 November 1917

Abridged from the Paignton Western Guardian 29 November 1917

Following the official request that all American war enterprises in France and Great Britain should be co-ordinated under the American Red Cross, the American Women’s War Relief Fund offered the two hospitals hitherto maintained by them to the former organisation. Mr Wm. Endicott, American Red Cross Commissioner for Great Britain had been authorised by a War Council in Washington, to take over these two hospitals – American Women’s War Hospital at Paignton and the American Women’s Hospital for officers, 98 and 99 Lancaster Gate, London W. The Director-General of the Army Medical Service, on behalf of the British Government, has accepted the change of responsibility. e Paignton Western Guardian 27 November 1917