Oldway Hospital closes - 6 March 1919

Abridged from the Paignton Western Guardian 6 March 1919

6th March 1919

After four years and a half use as a Red Cross Hospital, Oldway House, Paignton has now been closed for that purpose. Directly after the outbreak of war, the American’s War Hospital Committee secured the possession of the palatial building from Mr. Paris E. Singer and converted it into a Red Cross Hospital for British soldiers. Their work was then taken over by the American Red Cross, who after treating a large number of British wounded, reserved the hospital for the sick and wounded of their own nationality. Several thousand British soldiers received treatment, and somewhere between two and three thousand American soldiers were received during and since the war. Capt. Bachman, the Commanding Officer and the remainder of his staff left Paignton on Monday morning, and Oldway will no longer serve for the treatment of sick and wounded soldiers. Captain Bachman has presented Mr. Sydney Earle, the assistant radiographer, with the American flag, and a handsome gramophone and case of records, in recognition of his valuable services for some considerable time.