124 wounded warriors arrive for Oldway - 19 February 1916

Abridged from the Paignton Western Guardian 24 February 1916

After a long interval of time, during which the number of vacant beds at Oldway grew to over 200, 124 wounded warriors arrived by Red Cross train from Southampton early on Saturday evening. Of these, 58 were what are known as cot cases, while of the total 100 were sick cases, only 24 men being wounded. An excellent service of vehicles was secured, and the task of conveying the stretchers to Hospital was expeditiously performed, the Fire Brigade again lending valuable assistance. The walking cases were conveyed in private cars and motor bus, and the train was only kept waiting a short while, considering the large number of patients. At Oldway there were busy scenes in the receiving of the large convoy, and the ambulance class and staff dealt as efficiently with the patients at their end as was the case at the railway station. Thus after being practically emptied, Oldway Hospital has now the majority of the beds again occupied.