100 wounded arrive for Oldway - 3 July 1916

Abridged from the Paignton Western Guardian 6 July 1916

Late on Monday evening a Red Cross ambulance train brought a hundred wounded soldiers to Paignton for Oldway Hospital. They were all from France, and had taken part in the great fight at the end of last week. Sixty of the cases were walking, the remaining forty being cot cases. Some of the men appeared severely injured, but the general spirit of this band of gallant warriors was well exemplified by one of their number who performed lustily on a tin trumpet. Considering that a couple of days previously these soldiers had been engaged in a terrible battle, this spirit of indomitable cheerfulness is the most splendid augury for the success of British arms.

The task of removing the stretchers from train to ambulance car was performed with that smoothness and expediency which the Paignton Fire Brigade always exhibit, and a good supply of motor and horse vehicles enable the transit to Oldway to be effected without delay. The walking cases were as usual conveyed by motor bus and private cars, and a good stay (staff) at Oldway promptly conveyed the patients to the various wards. This convoy again filled up the vacant beds at this excellent hospital, a large number of convalescents having recently left.