About our Project

This project, for which the Friends of Oldway group secured Heritage Lottery Funding, consists of a static exhibition on public display as well as this web site. The intention here is to feature in detail for the first time those who gave so much of themselves to nurse their soldier-patients back to health, and to honour the time every soldier spent within the wards on their way to recover. For many this was weeks, for the less fortunate, months. We are very grateful to the material in private collections that has been shared to enable this project to work. Of course our records are only a small part of the over 5,000 treated here. Several staff kept records of their patients, and as these become available we will endeavour to include this online for public access. Any privately held material concerning the hospital would be gratefully received - please contact us on paul@oldwaymansion.co.uk . Of course our aim is that a full tribute to the American Women's War Hospital and the American Military Hospital no. 21 that replaced it will be housed on permanent display at Oldway Mansion one day in the near future.

With thanks once again to everyone who has worked hard to get this project online.

Paul Hawthorne

Chair, Friends of Oldway Group