Arrival of a hundred wounded 24 April 1915

Abridged from the Paignton Western Guardian 29 April 1915

A Red Cross train left Southampton just before noon on Saturday with a batch of wounded soldiers for Paignton, besides nine officers for Stoodley Knowle Hospital, Torquay. They were part of the passengers on the Asturias, and just a hundred cases were for Oldway. Of these, fortunately three only were cot cases, some of the men appearing little the worse for their mishaps, after a few days care and attention. The walking cases were, as usual, conveyed by motor bus to Oldway, and the cot cases were placed in a new motor ambulance presented to the Hospital by Mrs. Irwin Laughlin. The patients have now “settled in” comfortably at Oldway, and many are already well on the road to convalescence.